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July - Dec 2017

December 2, 2017, Phillip a homeless man who we have been helping since July is no longer homeless.


Phillip is living in Vanguard Mobile Home park in O'Fallon (TR Hughes & 70). We met him in July when he was sleeping in his broken-down car when the temperatures were in the 90s.  


July 22nd, we received a call from Janie Bickman (Sharing & Caring Food Pantry) they were helping Phillip Nickels with a room.  And they were asking if you could help with a room and we agreed to pay for one week at the Economy Inn - $250.  Janie heard about us from Bill Stone.


August 5, we bought a bus ticket to California so that he could help his mom recover after her surgery.   He was there for a couple months.  He was back in town in October.


Since he came back, he got a job at a manufacturing plant as a forklift driver. When he started his job, he was walking 13 miles to work: from Wentzville to St Peters which is over a 3-hour walk. We gave him a bicycle which cut down his travel time to only 90 minutes.


During his journey we have helped with lodging, food and encouragement. They day he got the keys to his new home, Luke 923 provided Phillip with a bed, food, towels, bedding, a card table/chairs, a radio, toilet paper, paper towels, a shower curtain along with a prayer of thanks to our Lord and Savior for His guidance and showing us His love and grace along this journey.


Phillip - from living in his car in July to moving into his trailer on Dec 2.

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