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Jan - Feb 2018

On January 23, the Community Council of St. Charles County started a new program to help our homeless neighbors.

The homeless can dial 2-1-1 (Coordinated Entry) to connect them to services and assistance to helping them on the track to housing stability.


Mick dialed 2-1-1 on January 23. He was sleeping in a warming shelter at the time and he just started his job at the 5th Street Walgreens.


Coordinated Entry connected Mick to:

1. First United Methodist Church paid for a hotel room.

2. Crider Health Center to discuss housing plan.

3. Luke 923 Ministry provided Mick with food, toiletries, a shopping a trip, a meal and a haircut. We paid for a hotel room for the second week. Last Friday, Mick and I went to Sparta Investments regarding an apartment. We looked at the apartment. He liked it and he filled out the application. He was approved on Monday. The apartment is within walking distance to his job. 

4. Sts Joachim & Ann and Crider Center paid for his move-in costs and are providing him with a furniture allowance. 

Friday the 9th, he moved into his apartment. To help Mick turn his apartment into His home, Peggy and I gave him an inflatable twin mattress (until he gets a bed), a table and chair (until he gets a dining table/chairs), lamp, food, a shower curtain, and other small household items. Mick said that appreciates our friendship. That is what loving others is about.

Mick could not be any happier.

God bless all the agencies and caseworkers in our community who bridged the gap to making this possible.

Mick wants to take Peggy and me out to dinner at Outback in the next few weeks. He said it with such a big smile, how can we turn that down? Lol

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