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November - December 2018

From his car to a hotel room

November 12, 2018

When we met James, he was sleeping in his car.   We put him up in a hotel for a week.   A few days later we went out for breakfast.  He told me about his new job at Target and he found an apartment complex he wants to live.   He just needs to be on his job for a few weeks.    

From Hotel to Home

December 24, 2018

He continued working as a cashier at Target and we continued to help with his hotel room and food.  


December 10th he filled out his application for his apartment.   We helped with the move-in costs.   

Working in the Soup Kitchen

January 15, 2019

​He was so happy to be in his apartment, that he wanted to give back by volunteering at the soup kitchen.  

1 year later ....

February 01, 2020

... to celebrate his first year in the apartment, we had breakfast.   Over the past year, we would go out for breakfast.  Today, he wanted to make me breakfast.

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